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Ducted Air Conditioning Installation and Service Throughout Brisbane

SEQAS Air and Electrical have over 15 years of experience in ducted air conditioning in Brisbane. Our skilled technicians can keep your system working at peak performance because we have invested in air flow measurement tools for air balance services. We are the only company in the area that can offer this service.

Importance of Air Balancing

Your AC system can last over 30 years, but regular servicing and maintenance are required to maximise its lifespan. Air balancing in which air flow is measured and adjusted is crucial to keep your ducted AC performing at its best. Larger HVAC systems in industrial and commercial buildings have been served by air balancing for years, but it’s as important for residential units.

You cannot be aware that your system needs balancing until the proper air flow measurements are taken, and we have the tools to perform such testing. Your equipment has a rated capacity, and if the system is running below 90% of its rating, it is not running efficiently. An inefficient air conditioner means you are throwing away money on excess energy costs. If we find your air flow rate isn’t up to par, we can adjust it to save you money.

Firstly, we will measure to get a baseline for the air supply and the air return and compare it to the rated capacity of your unit. We also compare the air entering, to the air exiting the system. You would expect some discrepancy between the input and output because no system is 100% efficient. However, our technicians are trained to understand when that discrepancy indicates an issue.

If we find your air flow is deficient, we will suggest services to detect and remedy the issue. For example, ducts can be sealed or modified; we can improve the filtration system, adjust fan speeds, or clean the unit to optimise your flow rate. Our technicians will discuss your options, so you can make an informed decision about how to proceed.

Of course, the first step is to have your air flow measured because it is vital to having your system work at its maximum capacity. We are the only HVAC business in the area with the capability to test your flow rate. We strive to give you a complete picture of the efficiency of your unit before doing any work.

Ducted Air Conditioning Services in Brisbane

In addition to air balancing, we provide many other services to keep you comfortable in hot weather. Our ducted air conditioning service in Brisbane maximises the efficiency and lifespan of your system, and we recommend annual check-ups. We can clean your system, check, and adjust refrigerant levels, and much more.

If you need a ducted air conditioning installation in Brisbane, you can be confident we will do the job right. We can recommend the proper size system to cool your home or business effectively, and our exceptional customer service continues long after the sale. Contact SEQAS, and we can book an appointment to see how we can keep you comfortable.